Tuesday, November 24th, 2015


Street Artist Blu Returns to Paint Rome

The maestro street artist known as Blu has been painting walls around the world since 1999.




With a characteristic, almost graphic-novel-esque style using brightly colored house paint contrasted with ghostly white figures, Blu’s work often carries powerful sociocultural critiques.



Recently he painted a stunning new mural in Rome, a city he’s already painted many times before, depicting a timeline of evolution coiled like a snake, from the first amoeba to humanity’s destruction of the planet and plunging back into the abyss. The piece stands an impressive seven stories tall and was painted without the use of any lift or structural assistance. Instead, Blu painted the mural using ropes while rappelling down the wall, like a badass paint-weilding ninja.


Casa Dei Pazzi in Rome

Like so much of Blu’s other work, the new mural in Rome’s Casal de’ Pazzi zone finds a simple but brilliant way of making a pretty powerful statement, using the characteristic bright colors and cartoonish style that speaks equally to children and adults.


The effect is to shock the viewer out of their everyday complacency, with the simple clarity of a child-like perspective, and shed light on the madness of our self-destructive, profit-first socioeconomic trajectory. The hallmark of truly great street art.

See the gallery below for more images of Blu’s stunning work.